Tiny Village Update

Walking With A Purpose is now partnering with the nonprofit “Settled” as they create the first Tiny Home Sacred Settlement in Minnesota. This will be the initial step in an exciting process to help address chronic homelessness at its root.

3-2I2A8016Unveiling the nation’s first model Sacred Settlement. A demonstration of five unoccupied tiny homes is available for tour at Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood to bring awareness to a community-first approach to ending chronic homelessness.

From the Settled website:


What are they?

Sacred Settlements are an innovative, research-based way to address long-term homelessness by developing holistic tiny home communities in cooperation with a faith community. 

Each resident has their own tiny home, and as a whole, the community shares facilities and amenities such as kitchen and dining spaces, bathrooms, laundry, gardens, workshops, and gathering areas. The land is managed by a religious or social organization to maintain standards for safety and welfare. Specially-trained missional-neighbors live in the settlement and work with all the members to ensure that the settlement is healthy and thriving. A team of advocate-befrienders wrap around each inhabitant coming off the streets to build trusted relationships, walk alongside them as they journey to meet their life goals, and connect them with valuable support services.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Village Update

  1. I’m at a loss, my nephew has been homeless since his mom left him at 14 years of age. I finally had him come stay with me for the past (2-3 weeks), about 1 1/2 months ago. Since than he’s been with a friend in St. Paul, Mn. He needs some security for once in his life. He has a registered emotional support animal & receives, Disability payments but hasn’t been able secure housing. Can you please help me find him security in our ever so shattered world. Please!

  2. How do I sign up to get into one of these or get help with housing I am homeless and they just shut down the tent encampment I was living in

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