Our Mission. Our Vision.

Our Mission

To help meet immediate needs of people who live outdoors without safe and secure housing, while working to radically transform the paradigm of chronic homelessness.

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Photos: Chris LaFontaine

Our Vision

To develop tiny home villages where people can live and help provide for their own needs. Without shelter, it is not possible to address the underlying issues of homelessness such as mental illness and addiction.

Walking with a Purpose is partners with Settled a local nonprofit,  in creating a Tiny Home Sacred Settlement in Minnesota. This would be the first of its kind in the state and would make great strides towards addressing homelessness at its core.


Settled 2Settled 3


Occupy Madison

The photo below shows a tiny home village under construction by Occupy Madison. With help from numerous community groups, Occupy Madison now has two locations with over 30 tiny houses, a day resource center, laundry facilities and a community gardening space in the village. The 96 square foot homes are made from reclaimed and recycled materials and include a bed, a toilet, propane heat and solar panels for electricity. Each building costs around $5,000 to build and the money was raised with private donations.

Madison 5Madison 1

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Photo: Occupy Madison

Walking With A Purpose Minnesota has helped serve the homeless who live in the wooded areas by walking to them and bringing them some of their basic necessities on a weekly basis. One step at a time we are making a difference.”

— Dan Mathews, Board Member

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