WCCO TV Segment On Homeless In St Paul

Guided by Todd Feske, reporter Liz Collin and videographer Brian Dellis have created a segment for WCCO’s “Life to the Max” focusing on the homeless in Saint Paul.┬áHave a look.

One thought on “WCCO TV Segment On Homeless In St Paul

  1. I think what you are doing is well over the call if duty. Which in a homeless persons perspective is so beyond the feeling of Great fullness and mostly the small yet needed feeling of HOPE. OR the thought that SOMEBODY Cares. I my self was homeless roughly 6 years and would of cherished your group and all your effort. I have no money. Ever! However, I have more Love, then One should be allowed. If there’s any other way or function I could donate with a lil time or effort of my own. Pls let me know. Thank You And God Bless You All. Denisedewaele@gmail.com

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