Great News!

We have some exciting news for Walking With A Purpose MN. Today, reporter Liz Collin and videographer Brian Dellis from WCCO TV joined me visiting the homeless. They are doing a segment for “Life to the Max”. It airs Saturdays at 11:05PM. They did a great job of showing what life is really like for the chronic homeless. I know they weren’t quite prepared for what they saw, but showed true professionalism when they climbed over a fence and carefully made their way down a very steep cliff, hanging on to a rope for support, as they made their way to Ken’s cave. We can’t thank them enough for showing this side of the homeless life. The episode should air in 4-6 weeks, we”ll keep you posted on the exact air date.

5 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Todd, I’m so grateful that this site is up and running and that you’ve listed items you need for folks who like to contribute. I’m very lucky to know you and this project. It’s all very cool.

  2. I have a couple of boxes of clothes and blanket to donate. and possibly some food. Can someone pick up in Burnsville sometime?

  3. I love that you’re shining a spotlight on this very important issue. Any homeless person could easily be one of us. You are helping to open our eyes. There should not be homelessness in America. Thanks for all you’re doing.

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